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iButton Memory, 4Kbit, SRAM

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DS1963S-F5+   Andmeleht
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The DS1963S-F5+ is an iButton monetary device with SHA-1 function in F5 MicroCAN package. It is a rugged 4Kbit read/write data carrier that can be easily accessed with minimal hardware. Its NV memory acts as a localized database for public as well as protected data belonging to owner of device and environment in which it is used. An integrated 512bit SHA-1 engine can be activated to compute 160bit message authentication codes (MAC) based on information stored in the device. Data is transferred serially via 1-wire protocol which requires only a single data lead and ground return. A single DS1963S can serve up to four independent applications such as secure change purses for electronic payment at local transit systems, pay phones, parking systems or vending machines by using TMEX file format. The DS1963S is also intended to function as a coprocessor that assists host in computing signatures using a secure signing secret when writing back new balance to roaming device after purchase.
  • Overdrive mode boosts communication speed to 125Kbps
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C
  • 4096bit of read/write non-volatile (NV) memory organized as 16 pages of 256bits each
  • Eight memory pages with individual 64bit secrets and 32bit read only
  • Secrets are write only and have their own individual write cycle counters
  • Chip based data carrier compactly stores information & data can be accessed while affixed to object
  • Unique, factory lasered and tested 64bit registration number
  • Multidrop controller for MicroLAN digital identification and information by momentary contact
  • Economically communicates to host with a single digital signal at 15.4Kbps
  • Standard 16mm diameter and 1-wire protocol ensure compatibility with iButton family of devices


Embedded Design & Development


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