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features a broad variety of Bussmann™ series circuit protection products including one-time fuses, accompanying fuse accessories, overvoltage and ESD suppressors, and PTC resettable devices as well as a broad range of electronics components - power magnetics, supercapacitor and terminal blocks. These products serve customers in computing, consumer, energy, industrial, medical and transportation markets. Eaton is committed to designing and manufacturing the most innovative portfolio of products for numerous applications including industrial, automotive, energy management, computing, medical and consumer products.
With the acquisition of Cooper Industries by Eaton in 2012, Cooper Bussmann Electronics is now Eaton's Electronics Division.

New Products
HCM1A Inductors

AEC-Q200 inductor provides low EMI in 5 mm to 17 mm package sizes with inductances up to 100 uH

MCL Chip inductors

Chip inductors for high-frequency and power circuits in wireless communication equipment

TV supercapacitors

3-Volt supercapacitor cells provide 20% increased energy storage and peak power density

S505H Fuse

High voltage, time delay cartridge fuse for overcurrent protection of electronic circuits

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