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Flash Upgrade Module, PICStart PLUS, Support For a specific Devices in the MPLAB® IDE


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PUM unit
Adds support for a specific set of devices in the MPLAB® IDE, flash based,
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UK003010 is a PICSTART Plus Flash, reprogrammable firmware upgrade. This PICSTART Plus Flash Upgrade Module (PUM) is a PCB that contains a PIC18F6720 device that has been programmed with the firmware needed to provide support for a specific set of devices in the MPLAB IDE. The PUM is used to replace the PIC17C44 inside of the PICSTART Plus, the device that contains the firmware that can provide support to a maximum firmware version 3.11 in the MPLAB IDE. Because the PUM uses Flash technology, its firmware can be upgraded as needed to gain support for new devices by using an option in the MPLAB IDE.
  • C compiler friendly development environment
  • 1024 bytes of EEPROM
  • An in-circuit debugger
  • Self programming
  • Synchronous serial port configured as either 3 wire SPI or 2 wire I2C bus
  • Two addressable universal asynchronous receiver transmitter


Communications & Networking, Sensing & Instrumentation, System Monitoring, Consumer Electronics, Audio


PICSTART Plus units with hardware revision of R20 or later already have the feature and do not require this kit.

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