HUCO  271P.25.28.F  Clutch, Vari-Tork, Adjustable Friction, Basic 2 Plate, Set Screw and Clamp Fixings

HUCO 271P.25.28.F
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The 271P.25.28.F is an Adjustable Rotary Friction Clutch can be fully mounted or adapted for inline coupler use with coupler adaptor. The construction is simple and robust, comprising a series of steel clutch plates engaging a hub plus a series of friction rings engaging a housing. Pressure is brought to bear on the plates and friction rings by an adjuster acting through a spring and pressure plate. Controlled slip takes place between the hub and housing whenever the load exceeds the set torque. As a torque limiter, Vari-Tork interrupts continuity between power source and load when this reaches a pre-determined level. As a tensioning device, Vari-Tork typically maintains tension in a filament or tape winding operation by exerting drag on the feed spool. The load can be connected to either the steel inner hub or the aluminium alloy housing.
  • 2 Plate clutch
  • Compact proportions
  • Use as a torque limiter or tensioning device
  • 7W Power dissipation at 20°C


External Diameter:
Bore Diameter Nom:
Rotational Speed Max:
Output Power:
26.4 mm
Thread Size:
Operating Temperature Max:
Product Range:
Operating Speed Max:
1000 rpm
Bore Diameter:
8 mm
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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  • Industrial

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Great Britain

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