Development Kit, F28027, Full Bridge, High Voltage Phase Shifted DC/DC Converter ControlCARD


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HV Phase Shifted Full Bridge Development Kit, F28027 Control Card, Software Installation CD
Piccolo - TMS320F280xx
Texas Instruments
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The TMDSHVPSFBKIT is a C2000 high voltage phase shifted full bridge developer's kit, designed to quickly implement a digitally controlled phase shifted full bridge topology DC/DC converter. This design also supports peak current mode control with slope compensation, requiring no external circuitry. This is a high voltage kit intended to support voltage levels that are commonly used in end equipment designs and gives designers the opportunity to experiment with multiple control methods. This kit is an excellent companion to the primary side TMDSHVBLPFCKIT and TMDSHVPFCKITs providing a complete evaluation platform for power factor corrected AC input stages to a high efficiency DC/DC output stage. The evaluation module also features on board USB JTAG emulation, requiring no external JTAG emulator. The evaluation module is based on the Piccolo F28027 microcontroller. The kit includes controlSUITE, as well as a 32KB limited version of CCS V4 and full hardware and software documentation.
  • High voltage phase shifted DC/DC converter control CARD based EVM
  • Supports peak current mode control with slope compensation
  • Quick start graphical user interface
  • 380V to 400V DC input, 500 watt 12V regulated DC output
  • Multiple feedback methods for experimentation
  • Lossless current sensing circuit for fault protection
  • On board USB JTAG emulation
  • Open source hardware and software with full documentation
  • Detailed lab and discussion of PSFB Principles


Power Management, Embedded Design & Development


F28027 MCU based daughter card (non standard), HV Phase Shifted Full Bridge Development Kit, Software Installation CD.


This equipment operates at high voltages and currents which can result in hazardous electrical shock

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