TEXAS INSTRUMENTS  EV2300  Evaluation Module, Power Management, Fuel Gauge

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The EV2300 is a USB based interface board for a PC that can be used to evaluate battery fuel gauge circuits designed with Texas Instruments ICs. The EV2300 has connections on it for a USB cable and also accepts inputs from a battery fuel gauge circuit's communication port (SMBus or HDQ). By running the appropriate PC software for the corresponding fuel gauge IC, the EV2300 interface board allows the user to evaluate the battery fuel gauge circuit. The EV2300 controller is a bq8012 running at 4MHz. The controller firmware is stored in flash memory and is executed by the core at power up after the boot ROM code verifies the integrity words. The controller communicates with target devices through either: a 2-wire SMBus communication port, a 1-wire HDQ port, or a 2-wire E2PROM I2C port. The 2-wire SMBus communication port supports both SMBus and I2C protocols.
  • USB based interface board for eval of battery fuel gauge circuits developed with fuel gauge Ics
  • Provides interface between intelligent battery circuit and a Windows based PC
  • Connects to the USB port of a PC
  • Allows for on screen display and programming
  • Fully powered from the USB port
  • Capable of providing a 25mA 3.3V source
  • Complete interface between USB and SMBus, I2C, and HDQ (8/16) interfaces using a simple API
  • Complete interface between USB and SMBus, I2C and HDQ (8/16) interfaces using a simple API


Silicon Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments
Silicon Core Number:
Kit Application Type:
Power Management - Battery
Application Sub Type:
Fuel Gauge
Kit Contents:
Circuit Module EV2300, USB Cable
Product Range:
Connects to the USB Port of a PC, USB-based Interface Board
No SVHC (15-Jun-2015)

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  • Audio;
  • Imaging, Video & Vision;
  • Communications & Networking;
  • Portable Devices;
  • Consumer Electronics


EV2300 circuit module, Standard USB cable.

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United States

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