TNY280GN - 

AC/DC Off-Line Switcher IC, TinySwitch-III Family, 85 VAC - 265 VAC, 132 kHz, 36.5 W, SMD-8

TNY280GN - AC/DC Off-Line Switcher IC, TinySwitch-III Family, 85 VAC - 265 VAC, 132 kHz, 36.5 W, SMD-8

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The TNY280GN is a TinySwitch-III energy-efficient, off-line Switcher with enhanced flexibility and extended power range, incorporates a 700V power MOSFET, oscillator, high voltage switched current source, current limit (user selectable) and thermal shutdown circuitry. The IC family uses an ON/OFF control scheme and offers a design flexible solution with a low system cost and extended power capability.
  • Simple ON/OFF Control, No Loop Compensation Needed
  • Selectable Current Limit Through BP/M Capacitor Value
  • Higher Current Limit Extends Peak Power or, in Open Frame Applications, Maximum Continuous Power
  • Lower-current Limit Improves Efficiency In Enclosed Adapters/Chargers
  • Allows Optimum TinySwitch-III Choice by Swapping Devices with No Other Circuit Redesign
  • Tight I²f Parameter Tolerance Reduces System Cost
  • Maximizes MOSFET and Magnetic Power Delivery
  • Minimizes Max Overload Power, Reducing Cost of Transformer, Primary Clamp and Secondary Components
  • ON-time Extension, Extends Low Line Regulation Range/Hold-up Time to Reduce Input Bulk Capacitance
  • Self-biased - No Bias Winding or Bias Components
  • Frequency Jittering Reduces EMI Filter Costs
  • Pin-out Simplifies Heatsinking to PCB
  • SOURCE Pins are Electrically Quiet for Low EMI
  • Enhanced Safety and Reliability
  • Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection with automatic recovery
  • Improved Auto-restart Delivers <3% of Maximum Power in Short-circuit and Open Loop Fault Conditions
  • Output Overvoltage Shutdown with Optional Zener
  • Line Undervoltage Detect Threshold Set Using a Single Optional Resistor
  • Very Low Component Count Enhances Reliability and Enables Single-sided Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • High Bandwidth Provides Fast Turn On with No Overshoot and Excellent Transient Load Response


Power Management, Consumer Electronics, Industrial


Maximum ratings specified may be applied, one at a time, without causing permanent damage to the product.


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