HUCO  207P27.3232.F  Coupling, Uni-Lat, Universal / Lateral Offset, Clamp Style Fixings, 10mm

HUCO 207P27.3232.F
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The 207P27.3232.F is an UNI-LAT Motor Coupling with black oiled alloy steel fasteners and Al alloy AIECO 62Sn T9 iridite NCP clamp ring. Made of brass with alloy steel. The Uni-Lat is an one-part zero-backlash coupler rated for intermittent operation. Its special feature is a short overall length combined with exceptional misalignment capability. Torque is transmitted through a pair of injection-moulded acetal rings formed with bearings allowing the hubs pivotal and radial displacement. The UNI-LAT motor coupling widely used for pulse generator drives. Suitable for light push/pull duties and for anchoring axially unrestricted shafts.
  • Backlash free
  • Flex-free mechanical action
  • Low bearing loads
  • 10° Angular and 1mm radial compensation
  • Short space envelope
  • Electrically isolating and low inertia
  • Axially stiff
  • Torsionally damping
  • Resistance to axial motion
  • -20 to 60°C Temperature range


Coupling Material:
External Diameter:
Bore Size:
Rotational Speed:
5000 rpm
Bore Diameter Max:
10 mm
Rotational Speed Max:
25.4 mm
Radial Load:
31 N
Product Range:
Outside Diameter Max:
28 mm
Coupling Body Size:
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)
Bore Diameter Min:
10 mm

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  • Industrial

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Great Britain

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