NXP  TWR-MCF51JF  Tower System Module, For MCF51JF MCU, Three Axis Accelerometer, Infrared Transmit & Receive

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The TWR-MCF51JF is a Tower System module for the ColdFire+ MCF51JF and MCF51JU 32bit microcontrollers. The tower system module features the MCF51JF128, a ColdFire+ 32bit microcontroller built on the version 1 (V1) ColdFire core and enabled by innovative 90nm thin film storage (TFS) flash process technology with FlexMemory. The MCF51Jx family also offers a rich combination of peripherals including USB on the go (OTG), a serial audio interface, high accuracy analogue, hardware encryption, an integrated touch sensing interface and more. These features make the 32bit microcontroller as a highly integrated, cost effective 32bit solution for many application. The TWR-MCF51JF operates as a standalone debug tool and can also be combined and used as part of the modular tower system development platform. It features two expansion card edge connectors that interface to the primary and secondary elevator boards in a tower system.
  • Dual role USB interface with micro AB USB connector
  • Touch tower plug in socket
  • General purpose tower plug in (TWRPI) socket
  • Onboard debug circuit (OSBDM) with virtual serial port
  • MMA8451Q three axis accelerometer
  • Two user controllable LEDs
  • Two capacitive touch pads
  • One user pushbutton switch
  • Infrared transmit and receive
  • Microphone (ADC) and audio output (DAC)


Silicon Manufacturer:
Core Architecture:
Core Sub-Architecture:
ColdFire v1
Silicon Core Number:
Silicon Family Name:
No. of Bits:
Kit Contents:
MCU Module, Primary & Secondary Elevator Modules, Prototyping Module
Product Range:
Three Axis Accelerometer, On Board Debug Circuit, Infrared Transmit & Receive
No SVHC (17-Dec-2015)

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  • Building Automation;
  • Consumer Electronics;
  • Portable Devices;
  • Communications & Networking;
  • Audio;
  • Medical;
  • Automation & Process Control;
  • Industrial;
  • Wireless;
  • Sensing & Instrumentation


TWR-MCF51JF MCU module, 3ft A to mini B USB cable, 3ft A to micro B USB cable, Micro B to A adapter, Quick start guide, Interactive DVD with software installers and documentation.

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