ARM  DS5PE-RD-40000  Compiler, ARM Cortex, Floating, Professional Edition, Linux, Mac OS, Windows, 1 Licence

ARM DS5PE-RD-40000
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The DS-5 series ARM Development Studio 5 is the complete suite of software development tools for ARM processor-based ASICs and standard devices. DS-5 accelerates your software development by providing an easy-to-use, integrated and validated tool chain. The DS-5 series debugger brings together the convenience and productivity of integrated embedded development tools with the power and flexibility of open source tools for Linux and Android. For expert Linux users, DS-5 series includes the traditional GDB command line interface for detailed control of target interactions and flexibility with scripting advanced debugger functions.
  • Support for all ARM processors
  • Powerful C/C++ compilation tools
  • Flexible C/C++ editor and project manager
  • Integration with the industry-standard Eclipse IDE
  • Debugger supports all phases of development from bootloader to kernel and user space
  • Streamline Performance Analyzer provides system-wide profiling based on performance counters
  • Instant correlation of performance-bottlenecks (eg. cache misses, interrupts) and software execution
  • Fast simulator for ARM software development on the host computer with typical speeds above 250MHz


Core Architecture:
Supported Families:
Software Edition:
Licence Type:
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Supported Hosts:
Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Product Range:
DS-5 Series
No SVHC (20-Jun-2016)

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  • Embedded Design & Development

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