N6421A1-NT3G-1-50 - 

RF / Coaxial Connector, N Coaxial, Straight Bulkhead Jack, Crimp, 50 ohm

AMPHENOL N6421A1-NT3G-1-50

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Phosphor Bronze
Gold Plated Contacts
N Coaxial
Panel Mount
Straight Bulkhead Jack
R-8A, RG58, RG58C, RG141, RG303
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The N6421A1-NT3G-1-50 is a bulkhead Crimp Jack with gold-plated brass contacts and a PTFE insulator. The type N connector offered the first true microwave performance. This type N connector was developed to satisfy the need for a durable, weatherproof medium size RF connector with consistent performance through 11GHz. Accommodates a wide range of medium to miniature sized RG coaxial cables in a rugged medium size design. Provides customer flexibility in their design and manufacturing with a durable connector. This crimp plug is suitable for RG58, RG58C, RG141 and RG303 standard cable.
  • 1500V Peak voltage rating
  • 2500V RMS Dielectric withstanding voltage
  • 5000MR Minimum insulation resistance


RF Communications, Sensing & Instrumentation

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